Rudolph Fillinger | Bipartisanship or Lip Service?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In the latest election brochure from Rep. Mike Garcia, he states, “bipartisanship matters. … In Congress, I have been striving to seek common ground with my colleagues across the aisle in service of our community. I will always be willing to work in a bipartisan manner to improve our nation and our community.” Congressman Garcia has a funny definition of “bipartisanship” given he recently referred to the Democrats, especially the Biden administration, as being reminiscent of the Nazis’ Third Reich. Hypocrisy thy name is Mike Garcia! The Republicans continue to attack the rights of average Americans. First women’s reproductive rights, next Social Security, then Medicare. Who can you trust? Certainly not Mike Garcia! 

In today’s world, who do you trust? The simple answer is no one. However, that answer serves no one and does not provide any useful information to truly answer the question, who do you trust? As children we’re taught to trust law enforcement officers, priests and clergymen, teachers and our parents. Yet today’s headlines often contradict that advice. According to an extensive study produced by John Jay College for the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, approximately 4% of priests in the ministry from 1950 to 2002 were accused of sexual abuse. Approximately 750 lawsuits have been filed since 2020 against Catholic dioceses. 

According to Doug Criss of CNN (July 7, 2017), the killing of children by their parents occurs more often than one might think. While I believe these events occur at the margins, it begs the question, who do you trust? Republicans are stealing our rights and cutting taxes for themselves and their rich donors. Republicans offer no real solutions for our economic woes except tax relief for the rich while fueling violence based on our cultural differences. Republicans cannot be trusted! 

According to Chye-Ching Huang, director of federal fiscal policy, “The Republican-sponsored Tax Act of 2017 was fundamentally flawed in that (1) it ignored the stagnation of working class wages and exacerbates inequality, (2) it weakens revenues when the nation needs to raise money (3) it encourages rampant tax avoidance and gaming that will undermine the integrity of the tax code.” (“Fundamentally Flawed 2017 Tax Law Largely Leaves Low- and Moderate- Income Americans Behind,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Feb. 27, 2019). The Republicans promised to lower my taxes yet I simply broke even, unlike the Koch brothers and the Robert Mercer family, both large donors to the Republican Party. Who do you trust? Not Republicans! 

Mike Garcia vows to protect Social Security and Medicare, yet Maga Republicans like Mike Garcia, Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, and Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, continue to call for the dismantling of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Florida, pitched his plan should Republicans win majorities in the House and Senate, which would raise taxes on millions of Americans and sunset away programs like Social Security and Medicare within five years (“26 things Rick Scott’s ‘rescue plan for America would do,” Chris Cillizza, CNN, Feb. 23). 

Garcia purports to serve his community yet he cosponsored the Life at Conception Act with fellow Republican Michelle Steele, R-California, that would ban abortion nationwide, thereby treating women as second-class citizens. Hypocrisy thy name is Mike Garcia! 

Mike Garcia cannot be trusted! The constituents of the 27th Congressional District deserve better than a congressman who calls for more bipartisanship out of one side of his mouth while calling those on the other side of the aisle Nazis. Hypocrisy thy name is Mike Garcia! 

Rudolph Fillinger 


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