Santa Clarita Day Trips

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Santa Clarita is abundant with activities, from a Six Flags amusement park to golf courses to a wicked nightlife scene. However, even those who live in and love Santa Clarita want to occasionally step outside their city. Fortunately, a wide array of attractions within just a few hours’ drive can be completed easily on a day trip. Here are our top picks.

Explore the National Parks

Southern California is fortunate to contain spectacular national parks in nearly every direction, with each one featuring unique flora, fauna, and landscaping that is both breathtaking and makes you want to pull out your camera every two minutes.

To get started, simply pick a direction! Joshua Tree National Park is just 3 hours to the east, Balboa Park is 3 hours to the south, Death Valley National Park is 3.5 hours to the northeast, and the Channel Islands departure port is just 1.5 hours to the west.

Take on L.A.

The City of Angels draws in tourists from around the world and hosts enough attractions even to keep locals busy every day of the year. While it would be impossible to see everything in a day, multiple day trips will eventually allow you to see all the major sites. We recommend putting the Santa Monica Pier, the Getty Center, Rodeo Drive, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the top of your list!

We want to take a moment to caution that LA traffic is not for the faint of heart. This bustling city is known for its crazy drivers and confusing roads. Rather than stressing out during your fun day as you drive yourself and your loved ones around, we recommend booking a chauffeur service Los Angeles company to be your driver for the day. They will pick you up in Santa Clarita, drive you to and around LA at your leisure, and then take you home! Whether you want to grab, drink, or take a nap, you will have a safe, enjoyable trip!

Hit the Beach

The California coastline is a marvelous beauty with its sheer cliffs, wildflower-covered hills, and lapping sapphire waves. As a California local, it is essential to hit the beach at least a couple of times during the summer months to soak up the sunshine and get a bit of a tan. We recommend hitting a different beach each time, including Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach.

When heading to the beach, bring all the essentials with you, including towels, sunscreen, a hat, and a good book. The shops surrounding the beaches can be a bit of a tourist trap with astronomical prices! Hungry? We recommend walking a street or two off the main drag to get the best food!

Go Small Town

Small-town California is where you can experience authentic culture, where mom-and-pop shops reign supreme, the food speaks to your soul, and the shopping showcases the heart of the area. Santa Clarita sits close to a variety of small towns, making day trips an absolute delight.

For your small-town day trips, we recommend Morro Bay, Idyllwild, Forest Falls, Running Springs, and Trabuco Canyon to get started! After you have checked all of these off the list, we recommend finding an old-school map and just picking a town! Sometimes the best adventures are the ones with few plans, a wild heart, and plenty of gas and snacks in the car!

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