Steven H. Baron | Garcia Is the Obvious Choice

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Letters to the Editor
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Since current state and federal policies favor illegal immigrants, climate fanatics, and the usual bevy of special interests, I will vote for the 27th Congressional District candidate whose views and policies are most congruous with mine. 

Inflation is due to Biden administration policies discouraging the fossil fuel industry (example: shutting down the Keystone pipeline); printing money; and overspending (example: spending bills that have added at least $6 trillion to the national debt). 

Crime has skyrocketed, especially in L.A. County. The “soft on crime” movement is largely responsible. One party was strangely silent during the 2020 riots in virtually every Democrat-run major city. That party’s representatives had the temerity to fund bail for rioters and advocate for defunding police. 

Illegal Immigration: Our vice president and the director of Homeland Security tell us our southern borders are “secure.” My eyes must be lying as I watch news reports documenting illegal immigrants coming across our borders. 

National security: The most important function of the federal government is to protect the nation from physical harm. The leaders at all levels must be chosen on meritocracy, leadership skills and military expertise, not based on race, gender, or any other concocted criteria. 

I expect an administration that exerts America’s best interest. The Afghanistan fiasco demonstrated unparalleled weakness and incompetence. The administration claims the evacuation a “100%” success.” I wonder what they would deem “100% failure”? The Ukrainian war probably could have been prevented when Russia was massing troops. Supplying firepower to Ukraine then, rather than after the war started, would have been a massive deterrent.   

The choice between our representative, Republican Mike Garcia, and his Democratic opponent, Christy Smith, is obvious. Garcia has stated his misgivings about the way Biden has addressed these issues. 

Garcia voted against legislation that raised the debt and accomplishes little or nothing to benefit the public. He opposes the “soft on crime” agenda and defunding law enforcement. His advocacy for a secure border, strong military and national security is well documented. 

I have yet to hear anything substantive on these issues by Christy Smith. Type “Christy Smith and inflation” in your browser. You will find little except a one-minute YouTube video of Smith addressing Swing Left, a Democratic financial bundling and advocacy organization. Here are some lines from that address: “…to complete the rest of the Biden agenda…which has been stellar,” and, “Inflation is never good and really forces families into tough choices between a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas, but we are moving past that.”  

Been to the grocery store or gas pump lately, Christy? Or are you too involved with climate change to notice?  

With the Supreme Court decision, no matter what candidates say about abortion, states decide their own abortion laws. For those women who want an abortion in California, there is nothing to stop you.  

For those who disagree with Garcia’s on firearms, the Second Amendment is still in the Constitution. When you send your children to school, do you want the security guards to be unarmed if some evil SOB comes to lay waste? Why do the president and vice president have armed security? Why have some Democratic congressional representatives paid with taxpayer funds for armed security? Since when are their lives more important than any other citizen? 

To those who object to Garcia because he questioned the electoral vote certification of Pennsylvania and Arizona, recall the Democrats did the same in 2016 when President Donald Trump was elected, and during both terms of President George W. Bush. In early 2021, Garcia wrote a letter published in The Signal explaining his reasoning for his actions. 

The policies of candidates as demonstrated by their voting record and/or personal pronouncements are all that should matter. TV and radio ads tend to be half-truths if not purposeful distortions. On every issue your view may not vibe with your candidate of choice, or either candidate. Your perfect candidate is YOU, and your perfect candidate, other than yourself, does not exist. 

Steven H. Baron 


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