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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have been watching a PBS television special on the Holocaust and the U.S. What struck me was the number of Americans who were in denial of the Nazi genocide before and during World War II. A few patriots worked to save some Jews, but many other Americans were anti-semites and isolationists, and resisted immigration. Even Charles Lindbergh, a celebrated pilot, was staunchly opposed to immigration of non-whites and non-Christians. Lindbergh was the leader of an organization called America First. Does that sound familiar? All they needed was red ball caps with MAGA printed on the front. 

We are in the middle of a national controversy on whether a former president can get away with leading an insurrection, steal government documents (including some highly classified), attempt to overturn election results in Georgia, pressure his vice president to perform an unconstitutional act in counting electoral votes, and obstruct justice in multiple ways. Just today he and his business organization were charged with 10 years of business fraud in New York by the attorney general of New York. 

Now we are approaching an election where we have to choose between a Democratic challenger, Christy Smith, or our incumbent representative, Mike Garcia. Garcia is one of 147 Republicans who voted to decertify the election results in two states. He is anti-abortion. He is a MAGA Republican. The choice is clear: Do we want to reward a politician like Garcia, or elect a responsible congressperson in District 27? For me, I have posted my Christy Smith yard sign, and we will hopefully send her to Congress in November.

Thomas Oatway


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