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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have been living in Tennessee for about six months and have been at peace, and why I listened to a news broadcast from California, I still don’t understand. The report was that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law that FORBIDS a doctor from disagreeing with him when it came to the subject of COVID-19. WHAT! WHAT? Did I hear that right or was I having a nightmare? If true then Newsom has just dissolved the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Those of you who are left in California should open your eyes and remove your rose-colored glasses and read the definition of a dictatorship. An acquaintance of mine (a real estate agent) told my wife that of his last 30 clients, 25 moved out of California.

Newsom is heading the state toward implosion.

Listen to Fox News or Bill O’Reilly on how Joe Biden has sold this country down the drain and is in bed with communist Russia and communist China.

These are not scare tactics. These are facts. Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline and now serves Russia (Vladimir Putin) who has made billions of dollars when we (the U.S.) could have done the same thing selling our oil to our allies.

Stop, Dick, you are starting to hyperventilate.

These far-left radicals must be stopped. Even if you hate Donald Trump personally, you have to admit that when he was in office the country was fostering with good financial wealth, closed borders, lower gas prices, lower prices at the grocery store, unemployment was down as well as inflation. Hate him for his tactics but Trump got the job done. 

So come November 2024 you can bring this country back to normalcy by voting out the puppet masters’ cabal and replacing them with good men and women who can and will get the job done.

One taxpayer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni

Former Santa Clarita resident

Tullahoma, Tennessee

Editor’s note: According to statement issued by Newsom when he signed the bill referenced in this letter, “Assembly Bill 2098 provides that the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19 by physicians and surgeons to a patient under their direct care constitutes unprofessional conduct.” Physicians could be subject to having their licenses suspended or revoked. A group of physicians has filed a lawsuit challenging the legislation.

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