Dick Cesaroni | Heart Still at Saugus

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Letters to the Editor
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I may have moved to Tennessee but my heart and support is still deep in Saugus High School where both of my kids graduated.

My commentary has to do with the banning of (a version of) the AMERICAN FLAG a couple of weeks ago by the Saugus High School football team. GO CENTURIONS! I could not believe the action taken by the superintendent of the William S. Hart Union High School District when he banned the flag, the thin blue line, which was flown in support of the first responders of the Santa Clarita Valley.

I wish he would explain it to me and the rest of the community why he deemed the action as racist. I cannot find one iota of racism in that flag incident.

Just because the communist (and George Soros) backed Black Lives Matter movement said it was against their movement. A movement that burned cities down with riots. Who ran rampant with violence in many cities across the U.S.? 

Is he afraid of those who wreaked havoc and social upheaval? Or is it that he doesn’t have a spine or any guts to stand up to them and protect the Constitution that binds our country together? His stand is outrageous and totally out of line. Is he against Americanism? Is he against patriotism? He is now ashamed of the flag of our country? Is he ashamed of our first responders? Has he given up his support of this country and ready to give in to socialism and the wants of the BLM? Those football players were just expressing their rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Or has he set himself up as being above the rights of all citizens? Master of the school district?

If he is then I would call for his resignation and have him replaced with someone who still believes and supports this country and the Constitution.

The community of Saugus was our home for over 55 years and we are still proud of Saugus High school and its students and faculty. Those who support him can just eat cake.

I certainly hope that someone has the nerve to read my commentary at a school board meeting.

All that I ask is for the community to stand up and protest the ban of the flag and let them know that it was a wrong decision.

The first responders: Remember them from: From November 2019?

One taxpayer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni

Former Santa Clarita resident

Tullahoma, TN.

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