Phil Neiman | The Real Threats to Democracy?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read parts of Gary Horton’s (Oct. 19) column — I am not a glutton for punishment. He seems most concerned about “threats” to democracy, a common theme among most Democrats these days. I believe most fair-minded people would agree that the action of a few knuckleheads at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were disgraceful, and unlawful by some. However, democracy was never really endangered.

What is far more concerning are things such as:

• The president of the U.S. deploying the Department of Justice and FBI against political enemies.

• The attorney general’s office casting outraged parents as “domestic terrorists.”

• Emptying the strategic petroleum reserve, a potential national security threat, for political gain, just in front of a midterm election.

• Coordinating with Big Tech, and other media outlets to kill a story (Hunter Biden’s laptop, just to name one).

• Utilizing the IRS to go after political action committees that don’t align with your party. (Remember Lois Lerner?)

• Turning your back on law enforcement and condoning violence as rioters destroy cities and people are killed.

• Supporting cancel culture to prevent the other side from being heard.

• Repeatedly referring to conservatives “as terrorists, enemies of the state,” etc.

• Multiple attacks on religious liberty.

I could go on, but I think the point has been made.

I don’t recall Horton referencing any of these issues, because he, like almost all on the left, only cares about being able to use sound bites to obsess about so-called “threats to democracy.”

Anyone paying attention should be very concerned about the left, and their increasing efforts to silence people and destroy their political opposition.

Phil Neiman


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