Rob Kerchner | It Was All Avoidable

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Because of an overreaction to COVID-19 we foolishly hobbled our economy and racked up massive debt. It was entirely avoidable. Now we’re facing inflation, recession, AND the potential for the dreaded stagflation of the 1970s (continued inflation coupled with unemployment/recession). The irresponsible, wasteful spending now even extends to illegally forgiving college loans. On top of that we have an energy security crisis with the potential for supply shortages and even blackouts, which was likewise self-inflicted and driven by an overaggressive transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy before the technology is market-ready. 

On immigration, America’s border problem has grown to a full-blown crisis with millions of people flowing across annually (the U.S. government has no idea how many millions). In addition to migrants, those crossing the border include dangerous people and drug smugglers illegally importing deadly drugs like fentanyl that are ravaging American communities. And in terms of murder and crime, we are at record highs, driven by policies that release felons and actively avoid criminal prosecutions and punishments.

Each and every one of these massive problems came from the “compassionate” left.

Rob Kerchner 


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