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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton, Oct. 19.

It is amazing to me how differently we think.

Fact: Donald Trump said at one time, that (Vladimir) Putin is a genious. He was referring to the way Putin was duping the leaders of other countries leaders (including ours) to depend on Russian oil and natural gas. And to believe he was not going to invade Ukraine!

Fact: And President Biden swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

I don’t know if Mr. Horton noticed, but when Donald Trump was president (facts) there was no war, gas was under $3 per gallon and we were making money on the stock market.

Two years later in 2022, (facts) we are $4 TRILLION more in debt (, using our oil reserves (which is very dangerous), begging foreign countries for oil, paying well over $5 for a gallon of gas, our food expenses have doubled, we have a world war going on in Ukraine, people starving around the world because of the war. We would have over a million fewer ILLEGAL ALIENS in our country and a wall that would allow us to bring in those who really needed to come here. And all of this because of a weak president who is afraid to “carry a big stick”!

No, Mr. Horton, we were not headed for a dictatorial government, because (fact) Mr. Trump could have served only four more years. And had he served, we would not have been in this worldwide mess we are in today!

And consider this, Mr. Horton, (facts) thousands of Ukraine citizens would NOT BE DEAD! And thousands of our citizens would not be DEAD because of the overwhelming amount of fentanyl flowing like water \over our Southern border.

Isn’t it amazing how we see things differently.

Liberals see what they would like things to be!

Conservatives see facts!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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