Arthur Saginian | A Voter’s Ongoing Lament

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I want to vote. Which side should I vote for?

When I sit to compare what Republicans and Democrats “seem” to stand for (aside from the power/control thing) I get a fairly simple picture: Republicans want us to face reality while Democrats want us to dream. Reality is easy — it’s right there in front of you… deal with it. Dreams are, well, stuff of the creative imagination, which is why so many in the entertainment industry are liberals. But which one is best for me and my family? Hmmm…

I think it’s best to have a little more from the reality side, mainly because we don’t live in a dreamstate, and a little less of the dreams, but just enough to keep us moving forward. I’d say a 75/25 mix would do best, as in “most of us awake and some of us dreaming.” And by “awake” I don’t mean “woke.” I mean you’re not fooling yourself.

I’m not certain how the “dreamstate” folks co-opted “reality,” but I am certain that it’s too much and it’s not healthy.

Hopefully the majority of us will vote us back into reality — harsh as it may be — because the dreamstate can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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