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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Jonathan Kraut in response to his letter to the editor (“Democrats’ Policies Are Working,” Nov. 1).

Your columns appear regularly in The Signal. You are identified as, among other things, a Democratic Party activist. Some of your columns are based in rational thought but some of them are really “out there” — the televangelist version of the left. This morning’s letter (Nov. 1) was one of those that made me wonder if you and I are living in different realities here in the U.S.

You cited all of the “good things” Democrats are doing, and with the help of Republicans. Unfortunately for Democrats, they are, as you wrote, “doing it quietly.” I myself am an independent voter and I have seen nothing from the Democrats that has benefited either me, my family, or even anyone I know. So for us, their “good things” have not only been done quietly, they have also been ineffective — or rather, unnecessary, as in, we don’t need what they have to offer. 

Their “good things” always seems to benefit “them,” which, in a way, makes me glad I’m not one of “them.” I don’t like being, or even feeling, “needy” enough to benefit from governmental aid — outside of the Fire Department, the police, and the military, of course. My parents paid my college tuition, and we paid for our children’s. It’s a family tradition. 

We are proud of our self-sufficiency, so quite frankly, it’s depressing.

We vote Republican because, like I said, we don’t need what Democrats have to offer, which, by the way, usually costs the rest of us magnitudes more than it’s worth to whomever is benefiting from it. Their inefficiency is phenomenal, and compassion (if you want to call it that) should have reasonable limits.

Arthur Saginian 

Santa Clarita

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