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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read Thomas Otway’s letter (Dec. 4) extolling the virtues of the “COVID misinformation bill.” Because of what he is endorsing, compelled to respond.

This bill is so extreme that even chapters of the ACLU in California are opposing it. We already have a state medical board that gives it authority to act against doctors for negligence. The standard is so ambiguous that it may force doctors to not give their honest opinion on how to attack this virus. This is very concerning, especially when you consider the evolving nature of COVID. We have had a course correction on the effectiveness of masks, distancing and what really constitutes “herd immunity.” After initially being told that the vaccine would prevent infection and spread of the disease, we now know that is not true.

I suppose leftists like Oatway feel doctors should be prosecuted if they say anything that he disagrees with. Perhaps that includes telling a parent they don’t need to immunize their 5-year-old child, because kids that age don’t get/spread COVID.

Maybe that also includes telling someone that masking is not necessary. What’s next for these leftists? Taking away a medical license from someone who has the audacity to tell a patient that “the virus was a result of a lab leak,” or that “COVID therapeutics can be effective”? If the left gets their way, saying “men can’t get pregnant” or that there are “only two genders” could land a doctor in serious trouble.

This is of great concern. The radical left believes in free speech, as long as you are saying what they agree with. If not, you should be silenced and prosecuted. If they get their wish, America will be similar to China and North Korea. 

COVID-19 has done terrible damage to our country. Our response to it has caused even more damage. Giving the government the ability to control speech from the medical community will only exacerbate that.

Phil Neiman


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