Rick Barker | Former Moderate? Really?

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Letters to the Editor
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In re: Thomas Oatway, “Confessions of a Former Moderate,” Nov. 18. 

Seeing Mr. Oatway describe himself as a “former moderate” is about like seeing John Boston describe himself as shy and retiring! 

Rep. Mike Garcia beat his Democrat opponent for the third time in this Blue district by a whopping 13,000-plus votes, where Republicans have a mere 27% of registered voters. 

And, he obviously did this by getting the votes of a whole bunch of Democrats and independents who have very little in common with the far-left Democrat party of today or with a candidate who is not even liked by her own party and who also ran internet ads like all the other candidates did. 

Those are not that expensive and they target people specific to your district. Nothing at all spooky nor are they paid for with “dark money.” In most cases they are paid for by the political parties, not by the candidates’ campaigns, and all of this information is readily available to anyone wishing to see it. 

Mr. Oatway should take the time to learn a little bit about the political system he always seems so fired up and angry about, and just because a person doesn’t happen to share his far-left political views does not mean they are ignorant or evil. They just happen to have a different view of things and a different set of priorities that are important to them, just like other voters do when deciding how they intend to vote. 

That’s what is great and makes this the greatest country the world has ever known and it’s why Rep. Garcia risked his life on a daily basis serving this country as a highly decorated combat naval aviator. 

Rick Barker 


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