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Letters to the Editor
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So let me get this right. If I am a liberal, after this last election, I believe that people of all ages can’t make a decision whether to vape or smoke flavored products (Proposition 31 passed with almost two-thirds of votes) yet across the land we are being pushed to believe that 12- and 14-year-olds should be able to decide what sex they want to be. They can’t think for themselves about smoking, but can make a sound decision changing their sex! Hummm!

You can go to war for this country at 18, but can’t buy tobacco products. Hummmm!

If I am liberal, I voted to have the personal right to have an abortion at any trimester, yet I voted to give the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors my vote as to who or who may not be sheriff of L.A. County! I gave them the power to fire someone I voted into office! Hummmm!

Eighteen is when most states say you are an adult. After that you should be able to make decisions about smoking, abortion, voting and sex changes by medical measures! Period! Wake up people! We are giving away all of our individual rights and giving those in government the right to make all those decisions for us.

Wake up soon, or you will be living the nightmare. 

Ronald Perry
Canyon Country

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