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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Please go to The Signal’s online version and read anything that has ever been submitted by Thomas Oatway. It’s really easy. There’s a little icon that looks like a magnifying glass on the right-hand side of the page. It’s a “search” icon. Click on it and type “Thomas Oatway,” then hit “enter.” Amazing, isn’t it!

Thomas Oatway is not a licensed physician, and yet he lectures us on medicine. Thomas Oatway is not an epidemiologist, and yet he lectures us on viruses and pandemics. Thomas Oatway is not a judge or even an attorney, and yet he lectures us on the law.

I’m laughing as I write this. Hang on… it’s my eyes. They’re streaming with tears from laughing so hard that I can’t focus on the keys.

Anyway, is there such a thing as “Professor of Everything”? Thomas Oatway comes across as someone who has the knowledge and expertise to lecture us on, well, whatever he feels he should lecture us on.

Would you let a “handyman” do for you anything that clearly calls for a “professional”? What’s even worse, Mr. Oatway tends to lecture on matters where even the so-called “professionals” and “experts” are in debate and disagreement. Now, just to be fair, I’m not claiming to be an expert or a licensed professional in any of these fields, either, but at least my submissions are presented in a way that is intended to provide entertainment or food for thought, but it’s just my opinion and nothing more. Mr. Oatway’s submissions, on the other hand, present him as some sort of “authority” on whatever it is he’s talking about, as in, “Listen to me because I KNOW,” which not only is wrong, it’s also offensive to one’s sensibilities.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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