Bill Lyons | Whose Headline Is Correct?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m confused! A headline in The Signal said, “SoCalGas anticipates bills to increase by 128%.” This was caused by natural gas market prices in the West that more than doubled, they claim. Further complications include pipeline maintenance and a cold snap. 

That very day I picked up the Wall Street Journal, having an article with a headline, “Price of Natural Gas Plunges.” It goes on to say that the price is about the same as a year ago. 

What’s a person to believe? Has SoCalGas forgotten that winter brings cold snaps? Have they scheduled maintenance during periods of high demand? Have they failed to lock in supplier prices at advantageous levels? Do I believe The Signal or the Journal? I’m confused!

Bill Lyons

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Believe The Signal, of course. But seriously: SoCalGas indeed is alerting customers that they should expect increases in their gas bills. Here’s where you can find the SoCalGas release on that: Also, the Wall Street Journal subsequently published a story headlined, “Natural-Gas Prices Have Fallen Back to Earth — Except in California.” You can find that story, most of which is behind the Journal’s pay wall, here:

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