G.A. Ben Binninger | Hope and Trust for the New Year

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Without communications nothing is possible and without information there can be no activity. Nonetheless, underlying every human interaction is the requirement for either hope or trust as well as resources to get anything done even though results are always limited by capabilities. Don’t ask why, but ask what first, remember in the end how is more important and results are meaningless without specifics and consequences.  

Fear causes inactivity and there is a tendency to be overwhelmed by the present, so the past and future are discounted to the present, making outcomes overshoot and undershoot. Certainly, outcomes dictate subsequent actions. In the end hope and trust is what keeps us going or else nothing happens. Have hope and trust for the future to bring about a better outcome in this new year.                                                                                                

G.A. Ben Binninger


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