Kevin Kuykendall | It’s Not a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Flag

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to several recent controversies regarding the Thin Blue Line flag. For those not involved in law enforcement, the Thin Blue Line flag is NOT a “blue lives matter” flag. People attempting to make the Thin Blue Line flag out as some sort of anti-Black Lives Matter image are, at best, uneducated, and at worst, attempting to stamp out any visible sign of support for law enforcement. 

The “thin blue line” is the concept that a small group of law enforcers stand between law-abiding people and those who would victimize them, in much the same way the sheep dog motif is used to remind people how the sheep dog protects the sheep from the wolves. The Thin Blue Line flag was trademarked in 1993, and became more popular after Sept. 11, 2001, well before the advent of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

However, mainstream media and BLM often refer to the Thin Blue Line flag as the Blue Lives Matter flag, as if it was created in opposition to the BLM movement. Please understand, the Thin Blue Line flag has nothing to do with the BLM movement, and flying the Thin Blue Line flag indicates respect for, and support of, law enforcement, and does NOT mean that Black lives do not matter. 

Law enforcement officers have incredibly difficult jobs. Do not let the ignorance or hatred of a few cancel this important symbol of community support for law enforcement. 

 Kevin Kuykendall 

Retired L.A. County Sheriff’s Commander


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