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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It would appear that some people writing articles on here are having a very hard time separating facts from fiction because the facts just don’t fit their preconceived and VERY opinionated views. 

And what I find most amusing is that this is true of people on both sides of the never-ending debate concerning viruses, vaccines, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, etc., etc. 

Fact No. 1: To date no vaccines or other remedies/treatments have proven to prevent people from being infected by these new strains of viruses. 

Fact No. 2: To date the majority of healthy people under the age of 60 or so are not dying after being infected. 

Like most other medical conditions, people with other preexisting conditions are FAR more prone to complications up to and including death when a new condition is introduced. 

Fact No. 3: These vaccines DO NOT prevent infection or reinfection but they do tend to reduce the severity of the viruses if the person gets reinfected. 

Fact No. 4: There is no study-based factual evidence that the immunity a person receives from getting one of these viruses naturally is permanent or that “natural immunity” to one strain will also provide immunity to other strains. 

I personally know unvaccinated people who have gotten the virus multiple times just like I personally know vaccinated people who have had it multiple times. 

Fact No. 5: These stupid, silly masks are absolutely useless and their use creates both physical and mental problems… especially in young children who need to see facial expressions in order to learn and interact with other children and adults. 

Fact No. 6: Because the percentage of vaccinated people has obviously increased dramatically over the last three years, it should be no surprise that the number of vaccinated people who get reinfected also has increased because there are far more of them now than there were before. 

The death rate in the Santa Clarita Valley from COVID-19 is 0.005%… not even in the top five causes of death every year. 

Rick Barker

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