Rob Kerchner | Patting Themselves on the Back

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

From China to Iran, citizens are marching for freedom in places where Donald Trump opposed — and Barack Obama and Joe Biden assisted — their repressive governments. But Orange Man Bad, right?

Something similar happened with Russia. Trump opposed — and Obama/Biden appeased — an aggressive Vladimir Putin, and the results speak for themselves. “Reset Button” Putin invaded under Obama, and again under Biden, and then Biden offered to help Volodymyr Zelensky leave. Even now Biden is freeing Russian arms dealers. But simple minds are led by biased media, which told them “Trump is Putin’s puppet,” remember? So freedom-seeking citizens are abused around the world… and people die… and most galling of all, leftists and unthinking American NeverTrumpers pat themselves on the back the entire time.

Rob Kerchner 

Santa Clarita

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