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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I was working, I would have been fired if I handled my department budget the way Gov. Gavin Newsom has handled the budget of California. In six months he has led the people of California to believe we had a billion-dollar surplus and now we are suddenly looking at a multibillion-dollar deficit. Can he really be this inept?

Is he alone? No! Every single liberal in the state of California who voted for him is responsible!

What were the signs he — and liberals ­— should have seen? Giving billions of dollars of “gas price relief” to every family in California. Billions for a train to nowhere! Billions for housing programs. Millions for illegal immigrant health programs, etc.

Now to fix it, Newsom plans to hold back $2 billion from the train, millions from housing programs, millions from the “climate” programs, including electric cars, etc., and by deferring billions of expenditures to the next year’s budget!

Can our leaders really be this stupid? What is the budget office doing to keep the governor informed?

Who should be fired? Everyone in the budget office, the governor and every single person who voted for him. Open your eyes! And buckle up your safety belt! This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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