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Letters to the Editor

Re: “Jumpsuit Vision Warms His Heart,” letters, Thomas Oatway, Dec. 20.

Sorry, Mr. Oatway, but the four criminal “referrals” against former President Donald Trump submitted by the Jan. 6 investigation committee to the Department of Justice are just that… referrals. 

The DOJ is under no legal obligation to in any way act on those referrals, which, by the way, amount to not much more than the “opinions” of the committee members. 

The DOJ may go on to bring formal criminal charges against Trump (indict him) or it may decide to say, “Thank you very much for that,” and move on to other business. Giving trivial prison sentences to a handful of “circus clowns” for their actions on Jan. 6 is the equivalent of “throwing a bone” to the rabble. Someone had to be “sacrificed” to appease the masses.

And even if criminal charges are brought against Trump, he is still presumed innocent until proven guilty (beyond reasonable doubt), that’s if the U.S. criminal justice system still recognizes the Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and 14th Amendments (much as I imagine people like yourself would like to have them, and other clauses in the Constitution, ignored or suspended under certain circumstances just to meet your personal desires). 

The only way to get rid of Donald Trump (and anyone like him) is for people to use that thing you call “democracy,” that thing you’re all so afraid is being destroyed, and stop voting for him. 

Honestly, I find this whole affair to be so politically theatrical that if it actually results in Donald Trump wearing an orange jumpsuit I will buy you dinner at the venue of your choice — that’s how ridiculous I think this is, that and thinking he’s going to be convicted of anything. It ain’t gonna happen, but if it does, I’ll pay for your dinner AND all you can drink — Scout’s honor (yes, I was once a Boy Scout). 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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