Dr. Gene Dorio | Bending the Truth

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Politicians do it all the time.

Business people bend the truth knowing they will never go to prison.

And in my profession, some doctors line their pockets receiving kickbacks while denying insured care, and hospital administrators push older adults into nursing homes to increase personal salaries, bonuses and retirement funds.

I do not lie and have been fortunate enough to be associated with a profession that always tells the truth: Nursing.

How would you feel if your doctor might be lying?

There are some professions notorious for bending the truth, like used car salespeople. But if you have no faith in your doctor, hearing from them “you have cancer” or “you need surgery,” might lend doubt and add fear to an illness.

How do we sow honesty back into society?

Sure, we could use brain sensors linked to your “Ray Bradbury cell phone lie-detector app” screaming “lying” or “truthful” for the public to hear.

Or we could do what we have done in the past, teach our children not to lie. Obviously, it doesn’t always work, but if more parents and families do it, telling the truth might be contagious.

Fortunately, I have met honest politicians, business people, doctors and even used car salespeople. 

You can always believe a nurse, but I hope one day we can find a way to count on believing each other.

Dr. Gene Dorio


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