Helene H. McElmurray | Santa Clarita Rolls Over to Wokeness

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

While I blame myself for being so focused on what’s happening in our state and country that I wasn’t paying attention locally, I only recently learned that Santa Clarita has elected to let the cost of defending “at large” voting become a victim of “district” voting. 

While California is falling into a woke, unrecognizable mess politically, I never imagined that Santa Clarita would roll over to the same disease. Much like our founders’ reasoning for the electoral college, which enables all states to have equal representation, at large voting provides the same checks and balances. By allowing district voting, multiple districts can gang up on the wants and needs of those in lesser represented districts and force their will on those communities without those other citizens having a say in those making the decision. 

A perfect example of what our City Council is about to implement is happening right here — NOW — in Santa Clarita. Our L.A. County officials are elected by district and as a result Santa Clarita is being confronted with the absurd and dangerous whims of those district supervisors who we are not allowed to vote on by pushing (to house violent juvenile offenders) at Camp Scott on Bouquet Canyon I live across the street. The only person representing logic and the will of the citizens who are to be impacted is Kathryn Barger, our district supervisor. This is happening because we have NO voting voice in districts other than our own and yet will be subjugated to the whims of other districts who do not care about our needs and concerns. 

The council’s decision leaves our city subject to gerrymandering and district majority rule rather than giving an equal voice to the will of the people. I am beyond disappointed that our City Council members have put a dollar tag on standing up for a system that represents an equal voice to our citizens. This should not be a dollar decision but rather a decision based on the best interests of Santa Clarita residents. You are setting up Santa Clarita for the same mess that we are presently fighting at the county level. 

Disappointed and angry, 

Helene H. McElmurray 


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