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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: “Looking closer at religion,” letters, Arthur Saginian, Jan. 28th. 

This is not to discredit some of the issues Arthur Saginian presented. Call it refocusing on the real issue. He blames religion for all the ills of the past and current, but forgets who creates these ills, etc. 

There is no argument that so-called “Christians” and self-claimed “Christians” are responsible for many atrocities throughout history. You could go back even to the Israelites after the flight from Egypt. It did not take long before they revolted. It has not changed since; to the contrary, it seems to have gotten worse. 

The point, however, is not to blame religion, but rather THE PEOPLE who do not conform to the precepts of their religion. A Christian is someone who follows the commandments of the Lord. You are really not a Christian if you do not or even try to adhere to these commandments. We all have faults; some have more than others. But to be Christian takes a will to have faith and a well-formed conscience to follow Jesus’ teaching. It is a life-long journey. It is not religion that has failed; it is mankind that has failed religion and we are all guilty of it. Blaming religion for all the ills of the world is like telling God “you have failed”! 

Or, blaming religion is a little like blaming guns for the many killings. IT IS PEOPLE using guns to do the killing! 

Hilmar Rosenast

Canyon Country

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