James Doyle | PTS Aides Provide Valuable Service

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Part-time, temporary seasonal library aides are an essential and hard-working part of the Santa Clarita Public Library system, providing valuable resources and services to the community. The Santa Clarita Public Library is a vital community institution that offers free access to books, technology and information, as well as programming that promotes literacy, learning and community engagement. The library is also a crucial resource for promoting mental health and well-being, as it provides a safe and welcoming environment for people to learn, explore and connect with others.

However, the library system pays PTS library aides below poverty wages, which is unacceptable. It is a sad fact that these dedicated employees are not paid enough to support themselves, and it is unjust that they must struggle to make ends meet despite the essential work they do. Additionally, the library system has classified these workers as part-time or temporary, denying them the job security, vacation pay and benefits provided to all other city employees. This is unacceptable and needs to be remedied immediately.

PTS library aides work tirelessly behind the scenes, performing essential tasks that ensure the smooth operation of the library. They are responsible for shelving and organizing books, assisting patrons, managing circulation and providing customer service. Without their hard work, the library would not be the welcoming, accessible, user-friendly place that it is.

It is essential to recognize the valuable contributions of PTS library aides and ensure they are made permanent employees, given a living wage equivalent to their peers in other nearby cities, and provided with the same benefits as other city employees. It is unacceptable that the city of Santa Clarita has the resources to invest $2 million in Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital but fails to treat its hardworking PTS library aides with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The Santa Clarita Public Library and the city of Santa Clarita must recognize the urgent need to increase the pay of PTS library aides, make them permanent employees, and provide them with the same benefits as other city employees. It is immoral and unjust to pay these essential workers below poverty wages, deny them job security and benefits, and fail to recognize the vital role they play in the community, including promoting mental health and well-being. The Santa Clarita Public Library must act immediately to correct this injustice and ensure that all its employees are treated fairly, with respect and dignity.

James Doyle

Canyon Country 

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