Robert Lamoureux | The case of the missing water pressure

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux
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Question: Good morning, Robert. I live in Canyon Country and am on the verge of hiring a plumber, but I’m checking with you as a last resort before doing so. As you’ve suggested in previous articles, I bought a pressure gauge and attached it to the water bib just outside my home. The pressure reads 68 pounds, and if my memory serves me, you noted that anything reading between 65-70 on a home is a good range.  

Despite this good reading, I have virtually no water throughout my home, all faucets are acting the same way. Any insight from you could potentially save me hundreds. Can you help?  

— Jeffery F. 

Answer: Jeffery, yes, I may be able to help. Good job on checking the pressure — that rules the incoming pressure out of the equation as a potential problem. The next thing I recommend checking, which can be a very common problem in our area, is the water softening system if you have one (if not, write me back and we will take it to the next step).  

These systems can become clogged and cause this very issue. Each system has a bypass installed, which will shut the softening system down and run the water straight from the main. Culligan, for instance, has a black shaft with a round knob on the end — this is the bypass. Push this through to the other side (you need to give it a good hit sometimes, to get it to move), and this shuts down their system.  

Check the water pressure in your home after doing this and if you find it in good condition, give the company a call and let them know that their system is in need of attention. Likely this is going to solve the problem. If not, then write me back or call me, and we will troubleshoot additionally. Good luck. 

Robert Lamoureux has more than 40 years of experience as a general contractor, with separate licenses in electrical and plumbing contracting. He owns IMS Construction Inc. in Valencia. His opinions are his own, not necessarily those of The Signal. Opinions expressed in this column are not meant to replace the recommendations of a qualified contractor after that contractor has made a thorough visual inspection. Email questions to Robert at [email protected].     

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