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Reparations for Black San Franciscans has gone so far in committees that it is just about a reality. They just need to figure out how to pay for it! And Los Angeles will be next. Then the state of California.

“The city has 44,000 Black residents. If even half qualify for reparations, experts put the price tag over $100 billion,” according to a Fox News report. “Blacks compose just 5% of San Francisco, compared to 34% Asian and 15% Latino. Neither group is likely to concede they experienced less hardship in the U.S. than African Americans.”

“Eligibility for the San Francisco payout is slightly different,” the Fox News report said. “You must be 18, identify as Black or African American for at least 10 years. Alternatively, you could be born in the city between 1940 and 1996. A connection to slavery is not necessary. You may qualify for reparations by being ‘personally or the direct descendant of someone incarcerated by the failed war on drugs.’” But you still have to be Black.

Professor James Lance Taylor from the University of San Francisco said in the Fox News report, “This is not Blacks trying to get something from white in terms of begging and borrowing. This is about these states injury and handicaps placed on people going back decades and centuries… Locally, this is about — not slavery at all. It’s all about discrimination, housing, other forms of discrimination around labor and jobs.”

In other words, if you are Black and were discriminated against, you should get reparations. If you are any other color or ethnic group who have been discriminated against you get… squat! Native American? Squat! Asian? Squat! Jews? Squat! Latino? Squat!

So I think I will identify as Black. Why not? According to all of the woke spreaders, I can identify to be anything I want these days, so I choose Black. And I have been discriminated against when trying to get a job. I earned low wages compared to a lot of others. So I need reparations because I deserve it.

And I am sorry if you think I am racist. I don’t think I am. But I do believe that those who think only Blacks have been discriminated against are really the ones who are racist.

This is not about slavery at all. Proof: See the third and fourth paragraphs. It is just one more way of wealth distribution.

Next step: Socialism!

Ronald Perry 

Canyon Country

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