Ronald Perry | The Real-Life Climate ‘Change’ Movie

Letters to the Editor

So let’s talk climate change.

Michio Kaku, a theoretical scientist with a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, told FOX Business host Lisa Kennedy: “Hollywood almost got it right. There’s a movie called ‘The Core’ where the core of the Earth stops spinning. The magnetic field collapses. The atmosphere collapses. All hell breaks loose. And now we have scientists at Beijing University saying it’s happening. The core of the Earth has, in fact, come to a halt in 2009, and now it’s about to go backwards, they think.” 

Kaku said scientists were able to develop the unnerving study through analyzing earthquakes. “When an earthquake happens, shock waves go bouncing around the inside of the Earth through the core and creates echoes. A computer then analyzes the echoes and then pieces it together. That’s how we know what the core of the Earth looks like. And we find out that yes, yes, indeed, the core has come to a halt.” 

The study appears daunting, but Kaku assured viewers the Earth changes direction every “70 or so years,” making it a shocking, yet “periodic” event. Although this process is “periodic,” Kaku warned it could still have a negative impact on the global environment and climate… and more climate change?

In his Jan. 28 column, John Boston reminds us of the past. “OK, so you thought that little rainstorm we had in 1933 was bad? Check this out. January 1943, we were battered by two back-to-back storms in a six-day period. The first storm — get this — dumped 14.34 inches of rain in 36 hours.” Streets were washed out, bridges collapsed under walls of mud and there was no communication between the Santa Clarita Valley and the outside world.

And isn’t it strange how this year we are once again having major rains for Santa Clarita!

All weather is cyclical! Get over yourselves Mr. Gore, Mr. Kerry and all you other doomsday sayers! Melting glaciers, massive rain storms, earthquakes, volcanoes: May I remind you, these are all natural phenomenon! Yes, we need to take care of our Earth the best we can, but remember Mother Nature is still in charge! But then there is no money in that!

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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