Thomas Oatway | Standards Are Low for GOP

Letters to the Editor

A New York Republican won his congressional seat in November in a district that Joe Biden had won by 10 points. The New York Times published research on the winner, George Santos, who had embellished his education, work experience and “Jew-ish” background. He seems to have recovered financially from being evicted and only having $5,000 just two years ago. Now his financial statement says he is worth over $10 million. He “loaned” his campaign $700,000. His finances will likely be examined like his other falsehoods. 

He was also charged with financial fraud in his home country of Brazil. He escaped trial by coming to America. We may need to tighten our borders. 

Now there are calls for his resignation, or removal from office. No word so far from the GOP leadership in Congress, or the Republican National Committee. 

Yes, voters are responsible for their choices. But the standards are set pretty low these days. Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, and then was impeached twice. Mike Garcia won our 27th Congressional District race in November. TV ads showed him poised in front of a jet fighter, and touted his patriotism. Then he voted with 147 other Republicans to void the presidential elections in two states, in a failed coup attempt. 

I guess we Californians are not without our own baggage.

Thomas Oatway


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