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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I never watch the program Don Lemon is on. Makes me sad that the show is still being aired and that some folks still watch it. That is their right, though, at least for now if we can stick to our rights under the United States Constitution. 

I am probably going to be unpopular for my opinion on this but here goes: 

Quote from Politico article written by Kelly Garrity, Feb. 15: “‘In the America I see, the permanent politician will finally retire,’ said (Nikki) Haley, who served as U.N. ambassador during Donald Trump’s presidency. ‘We’ll have term limits for Congress. And mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old.’” 

The whole article, which I recommend you all read, gives me a whole new perspective about the Nikki Haley I thought so highly of. In my opinion, and my take on the writer’s opinion, Haley, without an iota of a doubt, was targeting my president, Donald Trump, in an effort to make it appear she was targeting Joe Biden and anyone aged 75 and above. 

Lemon’s response became the topic of every news venue on TV, even the “conservative” venues like Fox and Newsmax. I am ashamed of them for taking the bait so easily. Makes me more and more convinced I should stick to OAN for a main TV news source or just stick to other sources not on TV. 

Quotes from Cinema Blend by Mack Rawden: 

Don Lemon: “This whole talk about age makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s the wrong road to go down.” 

Lemon then says (paraphrasing here to sum up: According to Google, Haley, herself, is over what is considered “prime age” for a woman and, returning to quote from above source, “I’m not saying I agree with that, but she has to be careful about saying that… Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying what the facts are. Google it.” 

Now! Here is my opinion: 

In NO WAY did Don Lemon’s remark “put down” Nikki Haley or any other of the women who took such great offense. 

No one should have to have a competency test to run for any office at any age. Anyone who needs that should never be supported to run for office in the first place. Her “term limits” remark DOES make sense. By the way, Donald Trump is one of the ones who have been advocating for term limits for many years now. Maybe something she picked up from him?

Nicky Haley should ask herself: What other “tests” does she want people to take to run for office? 

IQ? Looks? Who does she say qualifies to say who passes and who doesn’t? Does she realize she is asking that judgments be made and that one judgment can lead to other judgments that she may have not have intentionally had them lead to? 

Those who supported the nomination and election of Joe Biden knew full well that he was, is, and has been ill-fit for any government position for a very long time in his nothing but political career. 

And, Haley should rethink her words in what I consider to be her blatant attempt to besmirch one of the best if not the best president of all time, President Donald Trump. By the way, Trump is not and never was a career politician! I thank God for that fact. 

Haley, who I once thought so great, will be extremely fortunate if he even considers her as his vice president. 

By the way, I am over 75. Am I incompetent? Time will tell! I learn from the young and they appear to learn a tad bit from me. Imagine, if you will, a conservative sticking up for a person of the far left persuasion. Wouldn’t it be great if all sides were open-minded enough to actually listen to an opposite point of view? You never know. Maybe someday in the future I may find myself sticking up for yet another who I normally disagree with. 

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita 

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