JCI to host ‘Get Real: Adulting 101’

Press release

By Molly Meredith 
Signal Staff Writer 

JCI Santa Clarita is scheduled March 18 to host “Get Real: Adulting 101,” from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex. This is a simulation designed for high school students.  

According to Kari McCoy, co-chair of Get Real, the event is designed to help high school students develop financial literacy. 

Participants will visit booths and be provided with an identity including a career, salary, budget, and deductions. Local Santa Clarita businesses will host booths and participants will purchase living essentials from these booths while staying within their budget.  

The participants will experience expenses like “entertainment, transportation, food, housing, and more,” said McCoy. The goal at the end of the event is to have a positive bank account. The game should take around 40 minutes for the participants to complete.  

“There will also be a section where students can learn about 401ks, insurance, cryptocurrency, investing, and more,” said McCoy.  

This in-person game will show participants how much living expenses will cost and how much money they need to be able to pay for them. This event will give teens and young adults a “sample experience of managing a budget while having fun,” according to the website. 

There will be prizes such as gift cards, a $500 grant, and more.  

McCoy’s hope for this event is that “the students get engaged and interested in finances so that they question their decisions and make better judgments.” 

Registration is free and can be done at getrealscv.com

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