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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is in reference to the recent “comment pause” (on the opinion section of signalscv.com).

We as letter posters have overstepped ourselves in the comment forum.

All of (Signal Editor) Tim Whyte’s grievances about our commenting are valid and warranted.

We have been warned, deleted, banned a number of times for some of our uncalled-for comments. 

I for one am saddened about this turn of events and hope that in the future our comments are acceptable for publication.

We all have different views and opinions on many subjects and that is how it should be.

But the truth, facts and honesty must be conveyed by us as posters.

It can’t be said that “the truth is not the truth,” and when the news is factual it can’t be said that it is “fake news” or that there are “alternative facts.” All these sayings are misleading and detrimental. 

I’m not saying that the news media does not alter the truth sometimes, but when you have one news media that blatantly lies for ratings and the “almighty dollar,” that is not right or acceptable.

Hoping that we all take heed and follow the agreement guidelines put forth by the SCV Signal.

Happy posting and commenting.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita 

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