Thomas Oatway | Prescription for Truth Serum?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Dr. Gene Dorio is encouraging us to tell the truth, and teach our children to be honest (letters, Feb. 24). Politicians routinely fail the honesty test, especially MAGA Republicans, or anyone who is in the Donald Trump camp. Those who watch Fox News’ prime-time hosts get fed lies. And that is what they desire. They repeat them on The Signal opinion forums. 

The Dominion case has surfaced messages between Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham that suggest they knew the truth about the Big Lie. Hopefully they will get a $1.6-billion lesson from the jury.

The former Arizona Republican attorney general spent millions investigating election fraud in his state. The results showed there was essentially no fraud, but he then hid the results and continued to feed the citizens a lie. Fortunately, he lost his election. That is what we need to do with all of the election deniers and politicians who enact laws to restrict voter rights.

Just once I would like to see these people get injected with truth serum, and listen to them finally spill out the truth and facts. This may be what we need to make this democracy experiment last for our children and grandchildren. No more taking the oath. Just give them a jab.

Thomas Oatway


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