Artists Association: Spotlight on Sandy Fisher

"Magnificence" by Sandy Fisher.
"Magnificence" by Sandy Fisher.

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Sandy Fisher served on the board of Santa Clarita Artists Association for many years, including terms as president, vice president, gallery chair and membership chair, and for the past six years as treasurer.  

Fisher’s primary body of work consists of oil landscape paintings, many of which are depicting scenes in the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys. “The majority of my work are started en plein air, as it provides the best opportunity to observe and capture the nuances of nature,” Fisher said in a statement released by the SCAA. 

She then finishes the painting in the studio; reflects on her initial response to the scene and makes any necessary adjustments to recreate that feeling of wonder. 

“I view the landscape as a visual symphony; complex, yet innately understood from within one’s soul,” Fisher said. “Each major element … a tree, rock, shrub, or creek is like a note on a musical staff. Some are repeated in rapid succession while others are solitary and widely dispersed. There are passages in the scene, which are painted quietly and slowly through the use of soft edges and abstract shapes. Other passages are louder and marked by increased contrast, chroma and detail. There is rhythm and harmony in this natural world and confirmation of the Divine. It is the song in my soul, which I translate onto canvas.” 

A native of Southern California, Fisher explored the diverse landscape of the state. Her family often traveled throughout the western United States by automobile for weeks at a time. Her love of the outdoors was intensified when she met her husband, John, an avid adventurer, rock climber and mountaineer. Together they backpacked and hiked the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  

Captivated by the scenery, she took photographs and imagined one day painting what stirred her soul. In mid-life she experienced a brush with mortality, which would forever change the way she engaged with nature. 

Fisher has been a juried artist in prestigious regional art shows such as Art Matters at the Huntington Library; and for the past three years at Art Tehachapi, where renowned artists paint the spirit and scenery of the West. In 2021, she was awarded the city of Santa Clarita’s Excellence in Art and won Best of Show, and First Place in the oil category at SCAA’s Art Classic. 

In addition to SCAA, Fisher is a member of California Art Club, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, Santa Barbara Art Association, Pasadena Society of Artists and Women Painters West. In addition, according to the SCAA statement, Fisher was instrumental in the formation of the city’s Art Commission and also served during the first year. 

Sandy Fisher at the Santa Clarita Artists Association Gallery. Courtesy photo.
Sandy Fisher at the Santa Clarita Artists Association Gallery. Courtesy photo.

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