COC named 2023 Champion for Excelling in Equitable Course Placement

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College of the Canyons has been named a 2023 Champion for Excelling in Equitable Course Placement in Campuswide English Enrollment, Latinx English Enrollment, and Black English Enrollment by The Campaign for College Opportunity. 

“We are honored to have been distinguished once again by The Campaign for College Opportunity for our determined efforts to increase equity for our students,” said COC Chancellor Dianne G. Van Hook. “We are proud of the work we have done to increase transfer-level completion in English and math, which has significantly reduced racial-equity gaps in student achievement. We remain resolved to continue removing student barriers to academic success.” 

The college will be recognized with 55 other community colleges on Wednesday, May 31, at the Campaign’s annual award installation ceremony, which will be held at the California Endowment in Downtown Los Angeles. 

“As we celebrate the record number of California community colleges that are placing students in transfer-level courses, we must remember that equity and success for all students, particularly Black and Latinx students, must be at the forefront of our efforts,” wrote Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity. “These colleges are leading the way in providing equitable access to higher education and ensuring that we break down barriers to student success. By providing students with the support and resources they need, we are making it clear that their college dreams are a priority, and we are helping to build a stronger, more prosperous California. After all, California succeeds when students complete college and earn a degree, certificate or transfer to a university as a result of a stronger and smoother pathway.” 

The Campaign found that the college’s continuous efforts toward equity led to the successful support of 100% of students campuswide, including Latinx and Black students, enrolling directly into transfer-level English coursework. 

In 2021, COC was awarded the Bellwether Award for its innovative approach to assessment and course sequence redesign in English and mathematics. 

In an effort to drastically reduce racial equity gaps, the college restructured its procedures to increase transfer-level completion in English and math. COC now evaluates students’ high school courses and grades to help determine placement into college-level math and English instead of relying on standardized tests. 

The Campaign for College Opportunity is a nonprofit organization that works toward increasing the number of California students attending two- and four-year colleges and who complete their college education. 

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