Lois Eisenberg | Indictment a Long Time Coming

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s about time that Donald Trump has been indicted and pressed to accountability. Accountability has prevailed and “lock him up” is pending.

Let’s start realizing that this indictment, which is one of many others pending, has been a long time in coming.

The other investigations, which smell of indictments, are Trump’s involvement in 2021 election interference, the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, yes insurrection, on the U.S. Capitol and the handling of classified documents after leaving office.

Once the MAGA group comes to the realization that this person, Trump, has committed these crimes and stop blaming all others that these crimes are politically motivated and it is a “witch hunt,” which is “old hat” already, America can get back to healing its democracy and unlawful acts of tyranny by so many of our politicians under Trump’s spell and who are afraid to cross him.

To make things worse the Republican chairmen of the Judiciary, Oversight and Accountability committees are making a mockery of our democracy and our rules of law.

Enough is enough in this destructive charade by a former president who by the way is not “above the law.’’

Take heed, America, we must not allow our democracy and our laws to be jeopardized by so few.

We as law-abiding citizens are the only ones who can prevent this mockery of trying to destroy our democracy and the rule of law from happening, by going to the polls and voting these treasonous people out.

Remember that no one, no one, is above the law.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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