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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was raised by two very generous parents who always helped those in need when they could with food, household goods and toys, and hand-me-down  clothes for their kids. We never had that much ourselves as my dad was an enlisted man in the Navy, but they always did what they could to help others in need and they impressed on my sister and me that we should always do the same when we could. 

Obviously my folks’ generosity was tempered by making sure that our family came first, and only after we had what we needed to get by did we share with others. 

Fast forward to today and I still practice what my folks taught me and anyone who knows me will confirm that I am a very generous person with both my time and my money when others who are less fortunate need help. However … I am getting just a wee bit tired of having my tax dollars sent all over the planet to a lot of people who hate this country when there are people in our country sleeping on the street and doing without food, clothing and shelter. Granted, a huge number of those people are in the condition they are because of their addiction to drugs/alcohol, but there are most certainly some of them who are just really down on their luck and all they need is a temporary hand up. 

My point here is that we should take care of our own FIRST before we start trying to save the rest of the world. Anyone who has ever flown is aware of the instructions should the cabin lose pressure. “Put YOUR mask on first … THEN assist others if need be!” As a country we need to put our mask on first and take care of our own people first. 

Rick Barker 


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