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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mike Morrell has confessed under oath that the Joe Biden campaign was behind the letter signed by 51 intelligence leaders to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The Biden campaign wanted something for Joe to use to defend himself during his debate against Donald Trump, so they made up a ridiculous story and recruited friendly intel authorities to sign the letter and lie to the American public about the laptop THEY ALL KNEW belonged to crackhead Hunter Biden.

The laptop included bank statements, incriminating emails, and photos of meetings and gifts from the Bidens’ Chinese Communist business partners.

The Biden campaign even hand-picked which reporter would receive the story and they called Mike Morrell after the debate, thanking him for lying to the American public about an invented “Russia” ruse.

Mike Morrell still holds a security clearance.

And the most incredible part? 

This was a replay of Hillary Clinton’s own “Russia!” ruse just four years earlier. In that instance, the Clinton campaign was behind the Steele Dossier used by the FBI to incriminate and hamstring the Trump administration.

As a reminder, the Clinton campaign wanted something for Hillary to use to defend herself from her “home brew server” national security scandal during her debate with Trump, so they made up a ridiculous story and hired an intelligence asset to sign the dossier and lie to the American public about Trump, even to the point of a special prosecutor who investigated it for TWO YEARS when THEY ALL KNEW it was utter nonsense the whole time.

Think about that. Democrats at the very top of their party REPEATEDLY break the law, enrich themselves, and sell out America … and when it is discovered, they REPEATEDLY concoct a coverup by blaming Russians-and-Republicans, which their simple-minded voters always believe.

Rob Kerchner 

Santa Clarita

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