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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you Matt Funicello! Thank you for speaking out against the travesty of Angela Davis speaking at College of the Canyons! 

She would like to see the entire United States become socialist and is willing to cause anarchy to see that happen.

And by the way, I wrote an email to each of the board members and Chancellor Dianne Van Hook, and I did not receive an answer from any one of them. 

Why is that? Why isn’t there someone on their staff who could have answered my e-mails? 

I suggested someone like Condoleezza Rice or Candice Owens might also speak! I would bet that if I had been e-mailing about making a donation to the school, I would have heard back the same day.

Another issue. Have Buck McKeon or Mike Garcia ever destroyed public buildings? Has either been arrested? Has either been involved in civil disobedience? Has either ever demonstrated anything but support for the Constitution of the United States?

Also, I would like to know why this was not approved by the board. It was not, according to Joan MacGregor, representing Trustee Area 5. 

Who did approve it? Something with this much controversy should have 100% of board approval. So who is responsible? Where do we get answers? Or does all this just get buried like so many other things?

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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