Dennis Nichols | Why Are Trash Costs Increasing?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a senior citizen and long-time Santa Clarita resident, I had to severely question the city’s recent move to change the trash service from Waste Management to Burrtec. I recently contacted Burrtec to determine whether my senior rate would carry over from the previous vendor. I sent in their required paperwork and, after a few days, I was told I qualified for the senior rate and the rate would be $69 every three months. The rate I have paid Waste Management for the longest time was $54. Unless the new vendor has added additional benefits, i.e. moving the bins back and forth from my home on trash day or taking trash from the house to the bins daily, I have to question whether the city had our best interests in mind.

Dennis Nichols


Editor’s note: Waste Management and Burrtec both bid on the new contract, and Burrtec’s bid was lower. City officials say the reason for the increased costs included in both bids was primarily to cover the expense of meeting organic waste requirements imposed by a new state law, which takes effect in July.

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