Diane Zimmerman | Mayor Should Review COC Meeting

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to think that the mayor would review the discussion that took place approximately three hours and 49 minutes in to the three-hour, 59-minute meeting at College of the Canyons on May 10 starting at approximately 5 p.m. It would, actually, behoove everyone to listen to the whole “event.” Maybe Mayor Jason Gibbs will see why this should be investigated and direct it to the appropriate investigator(s) for followup. As Mayor Gibbs is extremely busy, the last 10 minutes would suffice. 

I will not name the specific trustees who spoke their minds at this particular time. However, I will tell you that each one was so far off base with their speaking that one of the few remaining speakers that were in person at this meeting felt the need to vomit at the outrageous, blatantly slanderous statements being made alluding to a resident who has been asking legitimate questions as to the actions the College of the Canyons trustees have taken since 2016, when he first realized something was amiss and, possibly, rotten in Denmark (my words, not his.) 

This man is one of the most caring, intelligent, honest men I know. I am positive the majority of those who really know him feel the same, as well as a growing number of other taxpayers in this Santa Clarita Valley. 

Yes, he has looked in to each questionable expenditure very carefully and has asked legitimate questions via email, at the podium, phone calls, etc., via visiting offices, meeting outside a restaurant when seeing a trustee arrive so as to save that trustee from having to hear the question from the podium, especially when directed toward that particular trustee, etc.  

He has one problem: 

Getting answers to his request in a timely manner or, more often than not, no answers. 

Please correct me if you find that I am wrong. I would go on the witness stand and testify my belief that the man they are referring to is none other than Mr. Steve Petzold. 

The residents of the Santa Clarita Valley need to be made aware of just how much this man has been slandered by this particular board of trustees, openly and on the public record. 

By the way, two of the trustees at this meeting remarked as to how much money it was costing the school to answer all of the questions and emails made by said resident (paraphrasing). One trustee stated that it was $800,000. Another trustee stated it would be $1 million by the end of 2023. Hmm, “crystal ball” perhaps.

A complete breakdown of all of these expenditures would seem more than justified. Seems as if it must be expensive indeed to cover up all of the truths discovered by one person, who, by the way, always backs up his statements with facts. 

The video in question should not be removed and must not be destroyed.  

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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