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Letters to the Editor
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Sports commentator Jason Whitlock reports that USA Today recently “published a column attacking ESPN broadcaster Samatha Ponder for a tweet that supported [former] University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines.” 

Whitlock, a former ESPN commentator, retorted that Ponder is “more courageous than all the men at ESPN.”

Gaines, an award-winning swimmer, has gained notice for publicly sharing her thoughts about the unfairness of biological males competing against biological females in sports and her own experiences of losing competitions to a “trans athlete.” 

This new phenomenon is part of some gender-dysphoric individuals demanding to live out their newly found alternate sexuality in public: misusing gendered bathrooms and showers in schools/public facilities and biological boys or men unfairly competing in strength-based athletics against girls or women.

Whitlock adapted Martin Luther King Jr.’s anti-Vietnam War speech to write in his op-ed: “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” 

He went on to say, “It applies to transgenderism. It applies to America’s assault on common sense.” 

I suggest it also applies to public greed and covetousness, as well. Cultural “influencers” ceaselessly work to redefine terminology, so they can control the conversations, illustrations and ideologies of our culture. Greed for what belongs to others is a gripping vice that impacts our attitudes and actions. 

Whitlock, who is a stout individual and former athlete at Ball State, stated: “I have sympathy for men and women who believe they were born the wrong gender. But common sense makes it clear that not everything is for everybody. A boy who thinks he’s a girl doesn’t get to compete in girls’ sports. That’s life. No different from how I’ve long thought I would look great in size 32 skinny jeans. They’re not for me. They don’t fit.”

Greed is a sinful lust (Exodus 20:17) for what someone else has or can achieve. God has made us biological males or females (Genesis 1:27). Greedy and confusing gender identities and sexual expressions are “not for us.” They “don’t fit” our Father’s plans and purposes (Romans 1:24-32). 

Let us all learn this and live accordingly.

Gary Curtis


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