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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thumbs up to John Boston for his May 19 column. He seems to be the only member of the “free press” who tells it like it is. But also a big “thank you” to the editors for not adding a disclaimer. 

On Saturday, May 20, you had a story about Highlands Elementary School and their inclusion week. Teaching the kids how to write their names in Braille must have been fun, but teaching them how to have a signature and be able to actually sign a legal document seems a bit more important. It seems a shame that most kids from 22 or so on down not only can’t write in cursive but also they can’t read it, either. 

My last comment is, on the same date you printed a story about the Olde World Emporium needing to move because of high rents. May I remind everyone that every time they vote for a bond issue or most government-sponsored propositions on our ballots, they are voting to have their rents raised. 

Juanita Fitzgerald 


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