Lois Eisenberg | Hitting Back About Justice Thomas

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Letters to the Editor
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This letter is a rebuff to two other letters referring to Clarence Thomas: “Left’s Double Standard,” by Brian Richards, May 14; and “Double Standard” by Bob Comer, May 16.

My letter, “Thomas not so Supreme,” dated May 4,  is not a double-standard letter but a single standard of ethics, integrity, honesty, etc., which has bypassed Thomas and many of his defenders.

To the two letter writers: Say what you may twist it any way you want, but “Thomas is not so Supreme.”

Read the Pro-Publica report : “Clarence Thomas is on a quest to be the most corrupt justice in the court.”

In reference to Bob Comer’s letter regarding Elena Kagan: “Most public servants err on the side of caution. Elena Kagan turned down a Jewish-deli gift basket sent by former high-school classmates, because it would at least appear to be compensation — maybe her liberal high-school pals would stop plying her with bagels and lox if she ruled the wrong way on a big case. Thomas, in contrast, has allowed conservative donors to lavish him with gifts and reported none of them.” — Intelligencer.

“The seat that Justice Clarence Thomas occupies on the Supreme Court bench has been especially hot in recent weeks amid calls for his recusal from certain cases. The roaring fire has been fueled by revelations that his wife, Ginni Thomas, a well-connected conservative activist, involved herself in efforts to undermine American democracy.” — USA Today.

“Clarence Thomas and his defenders say he’s done nothing wrong. Well, if he’s done nothing wrong, why not detail the extent of the gifts?” — The New Republic.

Also, to do the right thing, Thomas should rescue himself regarding his wife’s activities in trying to undermine the American democracy. 

Again, “Clarence Thomas is on a quest to be the most corrupt justice in the court.”

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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