Arthur Saginian | Rebuttal to Dogmatically Religious

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Letters to the Editor
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I am writing this letter in support of J.R. Hills of Stevenson Ranch (letters, July 19) and his rebuttal to the absurdities that littered the letter of Hilmar Rosenast of Valencia. Perhaps it will provide him with additional strength and solace in the face of this dying breed whose existence is consumed by ignorance, fear and superstition — not just Catholics, but the dogmatically religious in general. 

Anyone who blindly believes that an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful “god” would create living intelligent beings, in his own image and likeness no less, and then spend so much time and effort scolding them with threats of judgment and eternal condemnation … it’s patently ridiculous. Sounds like the parent has issues.

I have sparred with Mr. Rosenast and his kind on the pages of The Signal before. They are as stubborn as they are irrational. They come from this “book,” which is in reality a compilation of books that were written over several ages in times of antiquity. It is from that book from whence they get the notion that certain things are “bad.” One wonders why anyone would be so obsessed with matters of physical intimacy, marriage and sex. Talk about “control freaks.”

One then wonders when such things were written and for what reason they were written. That’s when one comes to the realization that they were written for “them” in the “then and there,” and not for “us” in the “here and now.” I’ll refer you to another book, a history book, for the comparisons. Morality, if that’s what they want to call it, is indeed relative to the “times.”

I would suggest that you pity them, Mr. Hills, for they are lost. They can’t even abide by their own book and spend lots of time confessing and atoning. You may catch glimpses them in your rear-view mirror. 

So drive on, Mr. Hills, drive on. Enjoy the winds of life in your hair, and be glad you’re not one of them.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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