Budd Malchus | Thanks for Calling Out HOA

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you Debra Enbody (letters, July 20) for calling out the Stevenson Ranch homeowners association in regards to our landscaping issues.

I’ve attended HOA meetings in the past to address landscaping and the story is always the same. They’re not allowed to use chemicals to kill weeds growing in the sidewalks and they’re in the process of hiring a new landscape company.

Take a drive up Poe or Mallory and you’ll see weeds upwards of 3 feet growing out of the sidewalks. Not to mention the neglected common areas that look terrible.

When we moved up here in 2001 this place was pristine. I wonder if the HOA board lives in Stevenson Ranch, doesn’t pay attention or just doesn’t care.

I’m open to help find a solution.

Budd Malchus

Stevenson Ranch

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