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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Reading and listening to the news from all sources leaves me with no doubt why our nation is in such moral decay.  

Our moral decay is at the heart of most of our problems today. We live a big lie and deny reality. 

It is almost like: If it is evil, it is good, and if it is good, it is evil! 

We defy natural law and change legal definitions to suit evil inclinations. We are totally fooling ourselves believing that we can change natural law by legal definitions and legalizing evil. The only question remaining is: “How long before we see the light?” 

Why can’t we understand that life begins at conception? Think about where you came from. You were one of those “fetuses.” Did you not come alive at conception and begin growing? Were you not alive at 15 weeks or even just before birth? You were growing from the first moment of conception, not any time later. You were meant to be human from the very beginning, not any time later. You were always to be a human and not something else. So now we decided to call it a “fetus” so that it becomes a legally useless matter and can be disposed of. What a lie to America and the world! 

Even before abortion, we permitted sexual relations between consenting adults. While adultery throughout history was a problem, it was now no longer of any consequences unless you got caught. Result, more divorces. Just check the history of how they increased in numbers.

Families started to fall apart, and fatherless families grew dramatically. Marriage is no longer fashionable, we just simply shack up. It makes a split a lot easier. And many fathers leave their live-in partners after kids are born as they don’t want the responsibility to take care of  them.

Now we legally redefined marriage to accommodate “homosexual marriages.” Another legalized lie. 

There is no such thing. They may have a partnership but not a marriage. We are created male and female and the primary objective of marriage is for procreation. No male has or ever will have a baby nor will two women ever create one on their own, either. So what is the purpose of their “marriage”? If it were only for the tax and economic benefits, a legal partnership would have accomplished the same.  

Let us be clear. Sexual relations are meant for marriage. Promiscuity is immoral, whether between heterosexual or homosexual. Think I am not with it? I worked in the service industry for most of my life. I hired many homosexual department heads who were very talented and did great jobs. In all my 36 years in the industry, I had only one question me about my attitude and after I told him my position as stated above, he was most satisfied and as a result of our discussion became a personal friend. Unfortunately he passed away of AIDS at 41 years of age. 

Beyond my comprehension is gender identity or “trans” as it is identified now. You are what you are born with. Period! There is no other. The problem is not the sex, the problem is obviously somewhere else. Did you read about the transgender male in the prison ward? Apparently more than one of the female inmates got pregnant by “her”! So what is “she” or any other person who claims to be something they are not? It is just another lie.

So what comes next? Think about your own position and where you fit in. It is not even a religious issue. It is simply natural moral law and we can’t change it.

Hilmar A. Rosenast


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