Lois Eisenberg | The Cruelty of the Court

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Strike One: Roe vs. Wade.

Strike Two: Affirmative action.

Strike Three: Student loan forgiveness.

Three strikes, you’re out, America.

Now the American people should be in a great deal of fear of what this not-so-Supreme Court is going to do in the future about decimating our democracy, and holding them hostage for their well being and the “American Dream.”

This is not a Supreme Court. It is warped, has jeopardized the Constitution and has been cruel to the American people.

This not-so-Supreme Court is under scrutiny for corruption and their unethical behavior, and they are again jeopardizing the American people’s well-being.

Five men and one woman should not be able to, in their ultra-conservative thinking, hold in their hands the destruction of people’s lives. 

America is regressing and not progressing, and the ‘American Dream,” which America is famous for, is now a chess game by six people who don’t know how to play chess fairly.

These conservative justices have turned back the clock.

The above ball game of three strikes you’re out is only one of the destructive ball games being played by the uncontrolled justices of the not-so-Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is advancing a deregulatory, anti-democratic agenda (that includes) rolling back environmental protections, degrading bodily autonomy, invalidating common-sense gun control, undermining labor rights, gutting health measures, insulating public corruption, and dismantling laws and policies aimed at promoting a multi-racial democracy. 

The Supreme Court is waging war on the young. Many of these young people, who are our future, have a major concern about owning a house being comfortable and safe, and they worry about their children’s future.

There must be a set of ethical standards for the Supreme Court. The justices must be held accountable for their damaging actions.

Wake up, America and realize how you are being manipulated by six people who now control your lives and your future, which at this point looks bleak, who have curtailed the “American Dream.”

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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