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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After seeing the ad on television of the California Department of Water Resources asking each of us to save water, I just about lost it! I decided to write to the water department and remind them that we have been doing our share over and over again. Now it was time for our legislators and the water department to do their part.

I reminded them that a new reservoir has not been built since 1979, and yet the population of California has grown from 20 million people in 1979 to over 39 million in that same time period. I have heard nothing from them on either of the two letters I wrote, so I need your help!

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time for all of us to pick up our pens and begin writing to our legislators. That is my challenge: Will you pick up your pen and tell them how you feel? Oh, and by the way, they will tell you a new reservoir is scheduled to begin construction next year and completed in 2030. So that will be 51 years.

Good writing, and thank you!

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country

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